Anvil Block
The Anvil Block is a solid single semi casting weighing approximately 20 times the nominal....
  Standards & Slides
The steel casted standards have been designed width a large & heavy base to ....
  Lifting Mechanisim
On the top of standard is mounted a headgear fabricated form rolled sections. The drive is ....

Prior to 1966, Forging Industry Which is the main industry was totally based upon foreign assistance and foreign technique. M/s Niranjan Singh Kartar Singh brought a revolution in the forging industry in 1967 by Manufacturing Frictio Drop forging Hammer on its own.

" N.K. Forging & Rolling Industry " manufacturers of "NKH" Friction Drop Forging Hammers is a unit of M/s. Niranjan Singh Kartar Singh Forgings Private Limited. S. Niranjan Singh who is the Managing Director of Niranjan Singh Kartar Singh Forging Private Limited is the managing partner of N.K. Forging & Rolling Industries. Now Niranjan Singh Kartar Singh Forging Private Limited. has diverted of  "NKH" hammers to N.K. Forging and Rolling Industries.

"NKH" Self contained friction drop forging hammer being manufactured in eight different capacities 500 KGS., 750 KGS., 1000 KGS., 1500 KGS., 2000 KGS., 2500 KS., 3000 KGS., & 4000 KGS capacity.

Customer's satisfaction and quality presentation has been our motto for the last four decades and assure its continuty in future. Thousands of our drop hammers sold in India and Abroad are working to entire satisfaction. The steel tup is lifted up by a fine quality nylon belt with the help of a high quality steel fabricaed lifter drum whose movement is controled by a hand pull cord arrangement which engages and releases the driving friction drum through a steel band lined with brake lining. The accurate movement of the tup is ensured with help of alloy steel forged slides (guides), accurately machined, scrapped and grinded double inverted vees which are fitted and bolted on broad based box type steel casted pillars (coloumns/standards). Regular water cooling arrangement is provided to the friction drum to prevent excessive heating.

The Anvil Block (Base) is a solid one piece semi-steel casting weighing approximately twenty times the weight of the tup. To ensure that the machine stands balanced when erected on its foundation the anvil block is machine on both top and bottom faces.

"NKH" Friction Drop Forging Hammers have been designed width latest techincal know-how and width best quality fresh material. Full Guarantee against defective material and workmanship is given to our customers for a period of one year. All our valued customers are welcome to sonduct trial and inspect at our manufacturing unit at Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana.

In addition, NKH has installed its steel plant (furnace) to cast steel columns, tups plumber blocks and special steels to be used in the manufacturing of friction drop hammers parts.

S. Niranjan Singh
Founder, NKH Group

S. Hira Singh
Partner, NKH Group